Shanghai Hirosen Packaging & Printing Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hirosen Packaging & Printing Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Hirosen Packaging & Printing Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Hirosen Packaging & Printing Technology Co. , Ltd. it is an import and export enterprise which is specialized in running packaging products and kinds of printing affairs. And the key elements guaranteeing our success are the firstcla-
ss service and our specialized technical staff.
The company is always striving for providing the highest quality of packaging materials and packaging products for global packaging and printing Agent, and bu-
ilding packaging producing basements for exporting commodities. And she always endeavors to improve and reform the packages of exporting commodities, advance the packaging materials, packaging technology. Through these efforts, she has built up and perfected the system of producing, supplying and selling the packa-
ging materials and packaging products, and has established a great reputation and far-flung influence over home and overseas.
Following the new trend of socialist market economy, Chinese packaging and printing industry is always developing with high-speed. For that matter, European Union, American and South East Asian countries opening up their commodities pack-
aging business to our Chinese market making use of the high quality of packaging products in china and the preferential price. Meanwhile, the raw materials and machinery made-in-china also go out of our country to the each area all over the world.
Our business fields:
Various packaging and printing products processing for customers. The packaging products include plastics goods, paper packaging goods, metallic packaging goods and special types. What the printing business is suitable for food packaging, cosmetics packaging, medicines packaging, health protection packaging and all kings of electron packaging. And also providing the mature and first-class crafts including plate making, printing, after-printing processing. Regarding the cust-
omers requirements, we keep the Wisdom & Patient principle all along and give active and swift reactions to providing the first-class special service at the right moment.
With the deep and far understanding of the regions culture and the modern met-
hod, she integrates the culture tones from east to west and takes the commercial target of meeting the market demands and reaching our dream. The life-force of any enterprise is not only lie in gaining the specialized approval, but also set-
ting up an outstanding brand image in the market for more customers.
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